[E-Newspaper] CS Tech, launches 3 Types of Antivirus Daily Equipment

Combination with clad metal and copper antibacterial characteristic
Manufacture of Handrail for Ceiling Materials, Panic Bars, and Banisters.
‘good effect’ blocks respiratory viruses such as COVID-19
Lessen burden of copper raw materials price and 30% cheaper

A useful antivirus living equipment has been released in with corona ear where you have to live with COVID-19.

CSTECH that is specialized in clad metal (CEO Noh Jung-seok) announced on the 23rd that it will develop and sell three types of ‘Doctor Copper Clad (D&C)’ daily equipment that can block respiratory viruse and various harmful bacteria, including COVID-19.

D&C is a clad metal product that combines 99% pure copper that has antiviral and antibacterial property.

Clad metal is a new material made by joining metal or non-metal in a certain ratio to metals such as copper, aluminum, and iron. it can maintain or increase the properties and functionality of metal material , and also reduce manufacturing cost. Copper has been called ‘antibacterial copper’ and it has been proven through various domestic and international studies as a material that kills viruse or bacteria when they contact.

CS-TECH combined with advantage of clad metal and property of copper antibacterial and developed a “D&C” in response to increasing product that blocks COVID-19.

The three D&Cs are ceiling materials, emergency exit locks (panic bars), and handrails for banister. It is a household equipment that has a high possibility of virus or bacteria smearing, spreading, in frequent contact or dense environments.

The D&C ceiling material removes viruses and germs floating indoors. It is effective when used on low ceilings and relatively small spaces such as hospitalization, surgery rooms, classrooms, and conference rooms.

D&C panic bars and handrails effectively block viruses or germs transmitted by humans and their hands. It is useful to install such as medical facilities, emergency exits, and stairs in large buildings with a floating population.

The COVID-19 virus, as well as various viruses and harmful bacteria survive for many days in places that have not been disinfected. D&C equipment continues to maintain antiviral and antibacterial effects until the surface copper material wears out.

Under the brand of “D&C,” CS Tech plans to develop and supply various antibacterial products such as sink handles, cups, tableware, and wall materials.

CEO Noh Jung-seok said “In advanced overseas countries, they are increasing the application of antibacterial copper materials to subways, bus handles, pillars, and doors, but a rising copper raw material prices are a burden,” and “D&C equipment is made of clad metal bonded with copper, which has the same performance but is more than 30% cheaper.”.

BUSAN = Reporter Yim dong sik

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