rolled clad material

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The concept of material

Clad Metal refers to a material that has a base layer of metal or non-ferrous metal and another metal or non-ferrous material on one or both sides of the base layer, adding new properties to the material that the base metal does not have.

Differences between CLAD and other products

CLAD is not just a material that is plated or bonded with a chemical bonding agent!
CLAD is a method in which metal to metal (including non-ferrous metals) is heated and rolled under intense pressure so that the mutual tissue penetrates and stabilizes itself as it destroys the tissue.

As such, they have the following characteristics that make them distinctly different from traditional monomaterials

Classification Atomic Diffusion CLAD Metals
Bonding Method Atomic Diffusion Bonding [Rolled Hole Method]
Heat Resistant Atomic Diffusion CLAD Metal
No off-gassing
Machinability Good bending machinability
Corrosion resistanceNo corrosion occurs

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