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Stainless Clad


SAS-3PLY is a material produced by cladding stainless steel on both sides of the aluminum. Its advantages as aluminum, such as lightness and high thermal conductivity, along with stainless steel’s advantage of having solid and fine exterior, are highly suitable for kitchenware products. Such products can be used on an induction range if they are made with the 400 series stainless steel having magnetic properties.

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Type SAS-3PLY (Stainless + Aluminum + Stainless)
Base material Al 1050, 3003 Thickness (mm) 0.8 ~ 6.5
Layer material SUS 300 series, 400 series Width (mm) ≤1219
Available Form Coil, Sheet

Copper Clad


CS-2PLY is a material produced by cladding pure copper on stainless steel. It has the advantage of pure copper’s fine external features and high thermal conductivity. It also has great solidity and moldability due to the bonding of stainless steel.

The kitchenware plating generally comes off as time goes by, but kitchenware products made with CS-2PLY of CS-Tech are 10 times thicker than the ordinary plated products, leaving no concern for plating removal.

copper clad manufacturer
Type CS-2PLY (Copper + Stainless)
Base material SUS 304(L), 409(L), 430, 439, 409L Thickness (mm) 0.1 ~ 1.2
Layer material Cu 1020, 1100, 1220 Width (mm) ≤580
Available Form Coil, Sheet

Aluminum Clad


AMA-3PLY is a material produced by cladding aluminum on both sides of mild steel. It can be used on an induction range due to steel’s magnetic properties. Indeed, it has high thermal conductivity due to the aluminum content, and its two sides can be customized in various colors.

It is a cost-efficient material like steel, which is less expensive than aluminum, is used for its production.

copper clad manufacturer
Type AMA-3PLY (Aluminum + Mild Steel + Aluminum)
Base material Mild steel Thickness (mm) 0.6 ~ 2.5
Layer material Al 1050, 3003 Width (mm) ≤1219
Available Form Coil, Sheet