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Message From the Chairman

Welcome to visit our website.

There are numerous advantages offered by clad metal in the rapidly changing construction material market. CS-Tech has manufactured and supplied material goods across the industrial materials market with the main focus on clad metal products.

Clad metal supplied by CS-Tech can be used in a wide range of applications in the construction and industrial fields, including interior and exterior construction materials, home appliances, cell phones, electronic products, substitute for beryllium, automobile electronic parts, and heat exchangers.

CS-Tech is highly committed to offering its clients materials that can best suit their respective fields of application and, in turn, create the best outcomes.

We kindly ask for your continued interest in our business as we endeavor to offer high-quality products in a swift and precise manner. We will continuously work hard and seek progress throughout our business management with customer satisfaction as our top priority.

We greatly appreciate and look forward to your continued support.


  • 2022
    • January
      • Received INOBIZ Certificate as a Technology innovative Corporation
  • 2021
    • April
      • Joined "Hannovermesse Exhivition , Germany"
    • March
      • Joined "IRE Exhivition In Dalls, USA"
  • 2020
    • December
      • Designated as a "Promising Small and Medium Enterprise in Export"
    • May
      • Set up sheet precision slitting machine
    • February
      • Joined "IRE Exhibition in Dallas, USA"
    • January
      • Began to export defense industrial material to Indonesia
  • 2019
    • October
      • Joined a "METALCON Exhibition in Pittsburgh, USA"
    • February
      • Certified as "Material Part Specialized Company"
  • 2018
    • December
      • Awarded “Tower of a million dollars export” (Korea International Trade Association)
    • September
      • Patent “Safety electric outlet (10284216)” registration.
    • May
      • Received company certificate for excellence in technology assessment Selected as government’s support corporate for “Export success”.
    • April
      • Obtained venture startup certificate
      • ISO 9001: 2015, 14001:2015 (Updated accreditation)
    • March
      • Selected as government’s support corporate for “Smart factory”.
  • 2017
    • December
      • Established the R&D department → Established the R&D Center
    • November
      • Initiated business with defense company Poongsan Corporation
    • September
      • Received MAINBIZ Certificate as an innovative SME
  • 2015
    • November
      • Registered in Korea International Trade Association
    • September
      • Registered product items in the Public Procurement Service
    • July
      • ISO 14001:2004 accreditation
    • April
      • ISO 9001:2008 accreditation
  • 2014
    • February
      • Registered as an LS Industrial System vendor Selected as one of the companies for the government‘s “Clean Workplace” program
  • 2013
    • March
      • Set up various machine equipment (multiple kinds including small-sized slitters)
  • 2012
    • December
      • Began export to Japan
  • 2011
    • July
      • Launched CS copper shingle, CS water-trap system, and CS metal shingle; signed OEM contracts
    • February
      • Set up various machine equipment (multiple kinds including mid-sized slitters)
    • January
      • Signed exclusive distributor agreement with Korea Clad Tech
      • Founded CS-Tech

Certificates and Patents


  • 경영혁신형중소기업

  • 벤처기업확인서

  • 기업부설연구소 인정서

  • 기술혁신형 중소기업(INO-BIZ)'

  • 위험성평가 인정서

  • clean사업장인정서

ISO Certificates

  • Substitute for ETP

    ISO 14001:2015

  • Materials for EV

    ISO 9001:2015

  • Materials for ESS

    KS Q ISO 9001:2015

New technology Certification

  •  clad metal manufacturer

    부스바용 구리 알루미늄 클래드판재 (두께 1mm, 폭 200mm 급) 제조기술

Bimetal Patent

  • clad metal plate

    특허증 : 인탈산동을 이용한 바이메탈과 그 제조방법


  • clad metal

    특허증 : 5중 접한 클래드판과 그 제조 방법

  • copper clad

    특허증 : 스테인레스-알루미늄의 3중 클래드판 제조 방법

  • copper clad manufacturer

    특허증 : 티타늄 클래드판과 그 제조 방법

  • clad materials manufacturers

    특허증 : 알루미늄 클래드판과 그 제조 방법

CI Information

substitute for copper busbar

심벌 마크

시에스텍 알파벳을 기본으로 글로벌 구체를 형상화했습니다.
C타이프에 주 사업분야인 CLAD 제품의 겹쳐진 특성을 내포하였고 곡선과 직선을 적절히 배분하여 기술과 혁신을 표현하는 직선과 고객 만족의 부드러운 곡선으로 디자인된, 시에스텍을 대표하는 얼굴입니다.

역동적이고 진취적인 느낌을 느낄 수 있도록 CS BLUE 컬러를 메인컬러로 사용하며 그라데이션을 배분해 조화를 이루는 글로벌 기업을 표현합니다.

CI (기본형)

CI는 기본적으로 (주)시에스텍의 브랜드 및 기업 이미지를 보여주는 요소입니다. 심볼(마크)과 로고타이프(텍스트)의 조합형을 기본으로 표현합니다.

CI 조합기준은 매체에 따라 기본형을 적용하거나 심볼이 강조되는 심볼 강조형을 사용할 수 있습니다.

substitute for copper busbar

substitute for copper busbar

로고 타입

로고타입은 기본적으로 시에스텍의 브랜드임을 보여주는 요소입니다. 로고타입은 가장 우선적인, 언어수단으로 표현되어 한눈에 기업 이미지를 전달합니다.

이미지를 제외하더라도 고유의 브랜드를 표현할 수 있도록 불필요한 곡선을 배제하고 꾸밈없는 모습 그대로를 드러내어 기업 브랜드를 진정성 있게 전달합니다. 매체 표현시 적용 공간에 따른 제약이 있거나 컬러 및 이미지 제약이 있는 경우 해당 매체 특성을 고려해 로고 타입 단독으로 적용 가능합니다.

시에스텍 CI 다운로드

색상조합 및 로고 사용 규정과 매뉴얼을 확인 가능합니다.

substitute for copper busbar